Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters is located on Buckhorn Road just minutes away from both the Big Thompson River and the Cache La Poudre.

We exclusively fish private waters in Northern Colorado!

At Buckhorn Ridge we have 3 core passions:

1. Teach and instruct individuals in the art of Fly Fishing for beginner to advanced.
  • Basic and advanced fly casting.
  • Line management.
  • Fly selections and why.
  • Reading the water.
  • River safety and etiquette.
2. Put the client on the fish!
  • It is unfortunate but true that most guides are happy to net 1 fish on a wade trip with a beginner client, NOT US! It is our goal to put our clients on the fish by strategically fishing private waters with almost perfect seams to maximize every clients’ experience.
3. Protect the resource
  • At B.R.O. we are 100% catch and release to ensure the abundance of fish in our rivers never decline.


Fly Fishing Trips

At Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters, we are passionate about the art of fly fishing and we are proud to share that passion with each of our clients. With years of experience fly fishing throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, our professional guides are dedicated to providing fishermen of all skill levels with a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience. We work hard to communicate and coordinate with each client in order to customize their fishing trip to best suit their individual needs and desires.

Located on Buckhorn Road just moments away from the Big Thompson River and Cache La Poudre, we fish only exclusive, private waters that are home to an abundance of brown and rainbow trout. Our clients are given the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking scenery paired with the convenience of having expert instruction in an environment without competition. Whether you’re looking to seriously sharpen your skills in order to maximize your results or simply to enjoy the tranquility of nature, our walk/wade trips are a great way to practice and learn intimately in a one-on-one lesson with a guide, or even to share the exciting experience of fly fishing with a family member or loved one.

Walk/Wade Trips

Whether you’re new to the art of fly fishing or looking to fine tune your previously acquired skills, our walk/wade trips are an amazing opportunity to enjoy some of the best fishing in Northern Colorado. We provide everything you need in order to enjoy your time on the water, from a lunch to a camera to capture all the memories you’re sure to make. We absolutely love passing our years of knowledge and experience onto our clients and we take pride in our ability to instruct our beginning to advanced guests. During your guided trip you will have the opportunity to learn useful skills and techniques such as basic to advanced casting, line management, how and why we use each fly, how to read the water and, of course, proper river etiquette and safety.

At Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters, we have a firm catch and release policy to ensure that we are doing our part to protect the resource and the abundant population of fish that our rivers are home to. Our guides believe in the importance of helping our clients catch not only one fish, but many! By strategically fishing only private waters, we are able to maximize every client’s experience. Our goal is to make your fishing trip a fun, successful learning opportunity and adventure.


RATES:            Half Day          Full Day
1 Angler            $225.00          $285.00
2 Anglers          $300.00          $365.00
3 Anglers          $400.00          $465.00
B.R.O. will provide lunch, camera and all the equipment needed for an amazing day on the water!!