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Frequently Asked Questions2020-05-29T17:08:38-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a grill on the boat?2020-05-24T13:56:24-06:00

YES! And the captain will grill anything you bring on the boat, we are full service.

Is a captain required?2020-05-26T23:08:19-06:00


Why is a captain required?2020-05-26T23:14:22-06:00

1. The vessels are $100,000.00 pontoons with a lot of bells and whistles.
2. Our License requires us to captain.
3. We serve your every need. We cook, clean, fetch beverages, navigate, drop and pull anchors, get out and stow paddle boards and tubes if ordered with reservation. 100% of our clients have said they would not do it any other way… our captains rock!

Where do we meet?2020-05-26T23:15:32-06:00

We operate out of Southbay at Horsetooth (NOT INLET BAY) 1day prior to your reservation I will contact you and go over all of the details. I will send you a pin drop of our location which is always 2nd about ramp at Southbay.

Can we have alcohol on the trip?2020-05-26T23:16:05-06:00

Of course, why else would you go to the lake??

Can we have pot on the trip cause it is legal in CO?2020-05-26T23:16:47-06:00

No, by way of our license, you are not allowed to smoke pot on our vessels.

If we have more people than the capacity allows, can we get by with one or two more people on the boat even if they are small children?2020-05-26T23:17:21-06:00


Can we bring pets?2020-05-29T17:07:47-06:00

Pets are not allowed on the Luxury pontoon. On the party pontoon, it is on a case by case basis.


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