Northern Colorado Boat Rentals


There is nothing quite like spending a warm Northern Colorado summer day on the water. The cool breeze gliding through your hair as you skim across the emerald water while your favorite tune bumps on the boat’s overhead speakers. Sometimes figuring out that boat rental can be a real headache. At Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters, we strive to make it an easy enjoyable process so you can spend your time cruising on the water with your family and friends instead of mulling over wavers.

Renting A Boat In Colorado

Like other states, renting a boat in Colorado does have some requirements and limitations. For instance, no one under the age of 14 may operate a motorized watercraft. Potential boat drivers between the age of 14 and 15 may operate a motorized watercraft only if they have passed a certified boating safety course and have a Colorado Boating Safety Certificate on hand. Anyone over the age of 16 may operate a boat or watercraft on Colorado public waters.

Renting a boat from us is easy! Just head to our website, choose your boat and times, choose any extras, and hit the “book it” button. We will call you shortly to discuss details of delivery times and procedures.

Fishing Boat Rentals

It’s hard to beat that feeling of the first snag on your line when you know you have set the hook. Northern Colorado has plentiful lakes, ponds, and rivers filled with numerous species of fish just ready to fill your limit. Sure, you can always hand on the bank and toss your line into the water, hoping not to get your lured snagged on the downed trees littering the bank. But everyone knows that spinning out lures from a watercraft has much greater chances of catching a fish, allows much greater maneuverability, and is guaranteed to be more fun! All three of our boats make great fishing vessels. Shoot us a call today so we can help you pick the perfect fishing boat rental for your needs.


Finding A Boat For Rent Near You

Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters is the premium boat rental service in Northern Colorado. We make finding a boat to rent near you easy! Whether you’re looking for boat rentals in Fort Collins, Loveland, or across Nothern Colorado, we can help you out. Don’t waste another minute trying to find the right boat rental for your needs. Give Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters a call today or RSVP your boat rental right from our website!