Horsetooth Reservoir Guided Fly Fishing Trips


Colorado is well-known as a destination state. Everyone is aware of the recreational opportunities, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain climbing, and trout fishing in its hundreds of miles of “Gold Medal” streams and rivers.

Horsetooth Reservoir Guided Fly Fishing TripsBut few are aware that, less than 70 miles north of Denver and just west of Fort Collins, lies Colorado’s best kept secret – Horsetooth Reservoir.

When it comes to Colorado fishing, trout get all the glory. And, with the quality of trout fishing this great state has to offer, it’s understandable why.

But, what’s easy to forget is that, amongst those gold, brown, and rainbow colors swimming in those clear Colorado waters, also lies the color green. Largely considered one of the hardest “pound-for-pound” fighters, the scrappy smallmouth bass is a part of Colorado and it dominates the spring and summer shorelines of Horsetooth Reservoir.

Horestooth Reservoir Offers Unique Fishing Opportunities

Horsetooth Reservoir is unique because of its topography. And what makes the smallmouth bass fishing so good are the reservoir’s shallow coves. The water that feeds into Horsetooth comes from the mountains that line the western slope of the state. This attributes to the main body of water being very cold but, as the weather warms up, the shallow coves warm up fast.

This, combined with the heat retaining properties of the water’s defining red stone rock features the bass use as cover, result in a magnet for these fish and an amazing opportunity for the ever-ready angler. The coves of Horsetooth Reservoir become a smallmouth bass frenzy, rivaling the top lakes in the country!

Get On The Fishing Action With Our Guided Trips

Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters is proud to offer you the opportunity to get in on the action with our guided fly fishing trips. These trips are specifically geared to target these terrific fighting fish.

Imagine setting the hook and watching your rod bend as one of these smallies jumps out of the water! With the backdrop of blue skies, mountains, and crystal-clear water, who needs a photo? This picture will be etched in your mind for years to come!

Our Main Goal Is Catching Fish… But We Do It In Style!

colorado fly fishing

Our goal, of course, is that you catch fish, but also that you do it in style in comfort. That’s why we’ll be taking you out on our 27-foot-long Sweetwater pontoon boat. Equipped with a front fishing desk, for 180-degree casting, and a top fishing deck, for 360-degree casting, you’ll be able to hit all the hot spots with ease.

Powered by a Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor with I Pilot GPS Navigation and sonar, means, not only will we find the fish, but we will move on them silently to make sure you have the greatest chance of success. This boat is the ultimate fly fishing vessel!

The Total Fishing Experience

We cater to a maximum of two anglers and we will provide lunch and all the equipment needed for an incredible day of catching smallies on one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the country.

Prices start at $350 for a half-day fishing (4 hrs.) and $450 for a full day (6 hrs.)

This window closes fast so book your trip online to make some great memories that will last a lifetime!